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Space Madness

Distress call from our exoplanetary mining station Obsidian XII - we're sending you, the best fighter pilot in the Galaxy, to investigate. Long range scans indicate a severe systems failure, so be prepared for anything!

Space Madness


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Explore the mining station by flying to the landing platform on each level, overcoming any obstacles you encounter. Time is of the essence, so you'll be rewarded based on your speed. Please note that Space Madness is a cave flyer in the classic sense although it offers two different play modes. In normal mode, your ship will float as in light gravity with heavy air resistance, decellerate when you don't give throttle and only fall slowly to the floor. In hard mode, gravity will be strong and there will be no decelleration. While hard mode is hard to master, it does allow for much faster level completion and is thought to be more fun by dedicated fans of the genre. A or Left Arrow: Rotate Left D or Right Arrow: Rotate Right P: Pause and bring up Menu Spacebar or Left Mouse Button: Fire cannon W or Up Arrow: Thrust

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